Model Railway Cab Ride - 1/32 Scale Model - KM1 German Steam Locomotive Class 50

Published on April 7, 2023

Model Railway Cab Ride - 1/32 Scale Model - KM1 German Steam Locomotive Class 50

In this video, we take two laps with the magnificent steam locomotive made by KM1 on Arnold’s 1/32 model train layout. We have installed the camera in a second locomotive, which runs in front of the gorgeous steam locomotive. This setup gives us the possibility to discover both the locomotive and the model railway from a very nice perspective.

The German steam locomotive of class 50 was built from 1939 as a standard locomotive for hauling goods trains. It had one leading axle and five coupled axles and was one of the most successful designs produced for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. A total of 3,164 steam engines were built by almost all the European locomotive factories.

After World War II, a large number of steam engines still remained. So a total of 2,159 working locomotives were taken over by the Deutsche Bundesbahn. For a long time, they formed the backbone of goods traffic operations and passenger services. At the end of the steam locomotive era, they became a universal class of mixed-traffic steam engine that, thanks to their low axle load, could even be employed on branch lines with light track beds.

Finally, the history of the locomotive was a motivation for the KM1 model manufacturing company to launch a model of this magnificent steam locomotive. KM1 offers exquisitely detailed 1 gauge locomotives and rolling stock in limited runs. Known by collectors for their innovation, KM1 was the first 1-gauge manufacturer to offer realistic warm light LED lighting, wheel-synchronous smoke, independent cylinder steam and an exclusive dynamic smoke system.

In addition, the KM1’s models are equipped with Faulhauber motors, high quality ESU sound decoders, highly realistic warm light LED, dynamic smoke system (wheel-synchronized, clocked and dynamically adjusted), and short coupling between locomotive and tender.

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Model Railway Cab Ride - 1/32 Scale Model - KM1 German Steam Locomotive Class 50

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