The World of Model Trains

Published on August 18, 2022

The World of Model Trains

Welcome to Pilentum Television. On this website, you will find all videos that have been produced by Pilentum. This site is structured like a diary, i.e. like a blog. All videos about model trains are listed below. Scroll down the page and click on the titles or on the images to get more information about each video.

Pilentum runs multiple websites that are geocoded. Therefore, this domain based on is geotargeted for all model train enthusiasts and model railroad hobbyists in the United States of America. In contrast, the domains on and are for modelers in France and model railroaders in Italy respectively. In addition, there is also the large website, available in over 20 languages on the domain

However, this website is intended to provide additional information for viewers of Pilentum Television on simply structured pages. In the main menu - in addition to the links to the main page and to YouTube - you'll find four entries that are well worth reading. On page “About” you can find out who is behind Pilentum Television. On page "Video Directory" you will find a big list with all videos. On page “Camera Blog” you will find a big article about the cameras and video equipment that is regularly used in Pilentum's video productions. Finally, on page "Submit Video” you will find instructions on how to present a video of your model railroad layout on Pilentum Television.

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Pilentum Television, simply abbreviated to “Pilentum”, is probably the largest international video network for model trains and model railroad layouts. Pilentum's video documentaries present the beauty and the uniqueness of miniature worlds around the world.