Cab Ride USA - Model Tram Trolley Streetcar HO Scale Layout Tour - Powered by live Catenary

Published on November 3, 2022

Cab Ride USA - Model Tram Trolley Streetcar HO Scale Layout Tour - Powered by live Catenary

As noted in one of the last videos, there are far too few model railway layouts that feature trams and streetcars. The effort to build model railroad layouts for trams is difficult, because - in addition to the city and its buildings - asphalt roads and overhead lines must be added. If the catenary of those model train layouts is also electrified, then true works of art will be created. Therefore, dioramas for trams, streetcars or trolleys are normally very small.

But in railway modelling or model railroading, there are exceptions: The Northern Virginia Model Railroaders have built a mesmerizing miniature world for trams and streetcars. The club layout features the “Blue Ridge Traction, Power and Light Company”, a fictional trolley line running along the main street of Spencer and crossing the neighboring towns of Majolica and Statesville. The tram line features powered overhead wire, designed for trolley poles in downtown Spencer and pantographs on branch lines. Recently, club members have implemented a computerized block detection system for model trains which can run a lot of trolleys automatically.

In Pilentum’s cab ride video, we enjoy a trolley journey along long main roads, winding urban canyons and commercial areas. Those who want to discover this streetcar layout in person can visit Northern Virginia Model Railroaders’ club layout twelve times a year when it is open to the public. The club is headquartered in the historic train depot in downtown Vienna, Virginia. Weekly and monthly, there are member meetings and operating sessions. Of course, new members are always welcome.

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Cab Ride USA - Model Tram Trolley Streetcar HO Scale Layout Tour - Powered by live Catenary

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