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When it gets night on Mr. Porsche ’s model railway layout, II

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In 2015, Mr. Hans-Peter Porsche, the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the automobile designer of the famous VW Beetle, decided to build a toy train and model railroad museum in the South of Germany. Every 17 minutes the day changes into the night. At this moment, a beautiful light show and laser show are presented, which the world has not seen before.

It is a unique and awesome mixture of computer animation, light and laser effects and Sound FX in the 400 square meter model railroad exhibition hall. There are more than 20 laser beamers spotting buildings, bridges and simulating amazing effects. If you’re going to visit Germany, then take a ride to the Mr. Porsche ‘s museum. It is called “Traumwerk Porsche” in the German language, meaning “Dreamworks Porsche” in the English language.




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Published: December 17, 2021