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Pilentum Television

Pilentum Television

Pilentum Television, simply abbreviated to “Pilentum”, is probably the largest international video network for railway modelling, model trains and model railroad layouts. Pilentum presents videos of the largest and of the finest miniature worlds. Basically, the layout's size does not matter. Important is the individuality or the creativity that characterizes the layout. Therefore, Pilentum does not show instructions for building houses and Pilentum does not offer tutorials how to weather trains. Pilentum tries to capture the beauty and the uniqueness of model train layouts around the world. In recent years, Pilentum has produced more than 450 videos and reached a total of more than 50,000,000 views.

If you want to learn more about Pilentum Television, read the article about Markus Lenz. He is a videographer, photographer, director, musician and videocreater who produces all of Pilentum's videos himself. By the way, do you already know the video upload option? Pilentum Television and Markus Lenz would also like to give you the opportunity to present your model railway layout. You can use Pilentum Television's popularity for reaching millions of viewers! If you want to inspire millions of modelers around the world with your model railroad layout, then read the article about Video Uploading. There is also a report on the Video Equipment used by Pilentum. In this article, important and useful tips are given and special cameras are presented.

Video Gallery

In the video gallery you can find all videos produced by Pilentum. The gallery is divided into individual volumes. You can watch the videos in standard quality on this website or follow the link to YouTube to watch the videos in high definition quality. In addition to the videos, which are numbered from № 1 to № 459, you will find lots of images and descriptions.

Markus Lenz

Want to know more about Pilentum Television? Pilentum is a retail brand, but not a large media company. Pilentum is still a one-man business operated by Markus Lenz from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Pilentum exists only because of Markus' passion for photography and videography of model trains.

Video Upload

Yes, you can present your model railway layout or model railroad layout to the world. You can use Pilentum Television's popularity for reaching millions of viewers - completely free!

c/o Mr. Markus Lenz
Gesellschaft für multimediale Dienste
und Unternehmenskommunikation KG
60314, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
E-Mail: post @ pilentum-television.com

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Published: August 29, 2021