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July 20, 2018

Model trains - Rare and famous types from Germany in HO scale

Model trains - Rare and famous types from Germany in HO scale

In this video, Pilentum’s camera is capturing both rare and famous model trains from Germany. For example, there is the DB Class 403, a series of three electric multiple units commissioned by the German Federal Railways in the 1970s, an early predecessor of the Intercity-Express as a high-speed train. The units were mainly used for rail passenger service by the Lufthansa airline in the 1980s. Due to their distinct design of the front section, they were nicknamed Donald Duck. In 1981, the Lufthansa airline wanted to replace very expensive short-haul flights by rail transport. So the train was renamed in Lufthansa Airport Express. In addition, there are usual commuter trains, freight trains and express trains from the 1980s and 1990s. The model railroad display was created by the members of a German model railroading club. And, the members worked in great detail, for example, look at the platforms at the station, at the railway line or at the overhead line (catenary).


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