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July 20, 2018

Model Train Video by Pilentum with Car System and Cab Ride on a Model Railway under Construction

Model Train Video by Pilentum with Car System and Cab Ride on a Model Railway under Construction

Sooner or later, dear friends of Pilentum Television, you will see that this model railway layout is still under construction. Normally, Pilentum only presents already finished and perfectly built model railroad layouts, but this case, Pilentum would give you the unique opportunity to have an unrestricted view of the various stages of construction. This miniature world in HO scale is being built by a German model train club. Originally, the members of this railroad club had the idea to organize a permanent exhibition. But they did not want to present a finished landscape with trains, but also to present the individual construction phases. For several years, guests can visit this model railroad display every Sunday. The model railway layout has a size of 66 square meters and is constructed in an E-shape. The railway tracks are made by Fleischmann. The length of the Fleischmann railway tracks is nearly 600 meters. A few years ago, a miniature car system was installed. It is the so-called “MCC Model Car Parts” system made in the Netherlands. All model trains, light effects, the railroad network and the cars are controlled digitally by the software “iTrain”. In the background decoders, track occupancy detectors and feedback sensors made by “Lenz Digital” and by “Rautenhaus Digital” are in service. In the future, decoders made by “Lokstore Digital” will be used. Trains, locomotives and coaches are primarily scale models from Fleischmann, Trix, PIKO, Roco, MEHANO, Liliput and BRAWA.


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