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December 11, 2019

Model Railway Layout “Weaver Hill” in OO Gauge by Benjamin Brady and Richard Brady

Model Railway Layout “Weaver Hill” in OO Gauge by Benjamin Brady and Richard Brady

At the Warley Show 2019, there was one model railway layout that attracts a lot of attention. This OO Gauge layout became a so-called “crowd puller” because of the great variety of the model trains and miniature high-speed trains passing by. The layout, built by Benjamin Brady and Richard Brady in 00 Gauge (4 mm/ft. scale), is a simple yet effective idea: Trainspotting! There is no shunting or station stops. The layout, which is simply called “Weaver Hill”, depicts just a section of main line with two fast and two slow railway lines with plenty of rolling stock variety situated somewhere in Britain.

The model railway layout is set during the present day and is complete with overhead lineside equipment (OHLE). It is 19 ft. x 9 ft. and it runs with a basic DC system. Finally, the rolling stock is all based on stuff that shall be seen if you went down to a British railway station today. Therefore, the target audience for this model railway layout are people that visit model railway exhibitions, they shall be able to see something that they can relate to in real world.

The layout has evolved from a very basic model which was first exhibited in 2016. Since then, there has been a lot of updating and changed made, for example, an updating of the tunnel mouths. So it has been decided that Benjamin Brady and Richard Brady shall also go for a castle style tunnel mouth. The story behind those castle style tunnel mouths was that the railway was built as a double track main line and had been quadrupled sometime late in its history. This shall be reflected in the construction of the new tunnel mouths. Furthermore, the former DAPOL OHLE masts have been replaced with the PECO ones along with their own wire, and a few more figures and animals have been added.

The PECO OHLE are produced in collaboration with German catenary specialists “Sommerfeldt” in true 4 mm scale, replicating a common design of the overhead lineside equipment catenary masts as seen around much of the United Kingdom electric railway system. I guess, the layout is really coming along. By the way, on the online community of the British Railway Modelling (BRM) magazine, there is a discussion thread about the “Weaver Hill” layout, written by Benjamin Brady, including many photos and further information.


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