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September 1, 2020

Miniatur Wunderland - Layout Tour - The World's Largest Exhibition of Model Trains (Miniature World)

Miniatur Wunderland - Layout Tour - The World's Largest Exhibition of Model Trains (Miniature World)

Miniature Wonderland is a model railway exhibition consisting of nearly 16,000 meters of train tracks and representing many places around the world. The Miniature Wonderland has been built with an eye for detail, humor and fantasy. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Let’s discover this fantastic miniature world.

Hamburg: Enjoy the unique flair of this port city in Northern Germany. Discover boat rides along the port and the replica of Hamburg Central Station, one of the most frequented railway stations in Germany. In Hamburg’s warehouse district, the focus is on being true to the original: The brick structure, ground, and facades are identical to the real thing in every detail.

America: Discover the famous sights of America - from deep canyons to glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, the legendary gambler’s paradise, shimmers in all colours. The buildings are replicas of the originals, such as the famous Hotel Luxor and the Casino Royale.

Austria: Discover the beauty of the Austrian countryside. It is high winter season. In the background, a gondola lift transports skiers to the mountain peak. At the train station passengers wait for departure. You can observe the passengers on the platforms, as well as those already seated in the passing trains. Behind the tunnels, the track wind in an upward helix shape, allowing the train to emerge on the other side of the mountain.

Airport: Discover this miniature airport with departures and landings. Take in the aviation and engineering marvels at the model airport. Discover many interesting things going on in front of the highly detailed airport that has taken more than five years to build. For example, the jet bridges move automatically and adapt precisely to the plane that has just landed. The planes’ movements on the ground are precisely controlled by an overhead infrared system. The streets and the parking lot in front of the airport are busy as always. There are over 4,000 cars in the parking garage. Attention has been paid to detail, and you can see visible tire residue on the airfield. This model airport is a replica of the terminal building at Hamburg Airport that has been built down to the last detail: The colour scheme and the designs - from the display boards to the telephone booths - are all true to the original, and each of the 15 millimetres high figures has their own luggage.

Central Germany: Enjoy the traditional architecture of this region. On a hill above the village you can see a castle built in the traditional style of this part of Germany. In the distance is one of the longest bridges for high speed trains. The idyllic half-timber houses are the setting for a quaint village life. In the countryside, there is also a county fair. Men, women, and children flock to the carousels or have a ride on the roller coaster.

Scandinavia: Discover the snow-covered landscapes of Sweden, the Baltic Sea and its Great Belt Bridge of Norway and Egeskov Castle in Denmark. No fewer than 30,000 litres of water flow into the northern part of the Baltic Sea. Occupying 300 square meters of the exhibition, Scandinavia is home to the biggest structure, namely the eight meter long Great Belt Bridge. No fewer than 100 suspender cables made from 80 meters of fishing line hold the bridge on the main suspension cables. Northern Sweden is one of the most northerly points of Miniature Wonderland. With a real eye for detail, the model builders have made the glistening snow from the finest glass dust. Next to the winter scene you can see Norway with its colourful wooden houses. In the background, there is Egeskov Castle, which in reality is located on the Danish island of Funen. The castle was built completely by hand and took 250 hours of work.

Knuffingen, the city of cars: Discover this tiny fictional town, the lives of its 10,000 inhabitants and its car drivers. Cars, trucks and buses are driving on the busy roads. There are more than 90 self-driving miniature vehicles. The entire car system ranges over 1,600 meters. In Knuffingen there are also model trains. The train tracks extend over 1,000 meters.

Switzerland: Discover the diversity of the small Alpine state with its dreamy mountain villages and trains at dizzying heights. The Rhaetian Railway travels over the imposingly high pillars of viaducts in the Swiss mountains. Train passengers have a fantastic view.


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