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February 28, 2019

Industrial railway of a former paper factory in East Germany - French model railway diorama

Industrial railway of a former paper factory in East Germany - French model railway diorama

This superb model railway diorama in scale 1/43 was built by the French model railway club, called “Club de Modélisme de St. Michel sur Orge”. Some members of this railway club have a passion for field railways, industrial railways and narrow-gauge railways. Therefore, they decided to build a former paper factory from East Germany. The focus is on the rails and locomotives which are using the industrial railway lines in front of the factory. Locomotives are perfectly weathered. Additionally, there is a catenary. On the industrial site, there are also the typical old vehicles from East Germany.

An industrial railway is a type of railway that is not available for public transportation and is used exclusively to serve a particular industrial site. So the paper factory on this layout, which is called “VEB Hoppenbach”, uses its own industrial railway both for the delivery of raw materials and for shipping the finished products. The main reasons for industrial railways in East Germany were normally onsite shunting and consolidation: Part-finished products or goods require movement between different parts of the factory site to enable them to be manufactured, or made-ready for shipment. Industrial railways were once very common in East Germany, but with the rise of road transport, their numbers have greatly diminished.

Industrial railways or narrow-gauge railways are railways with a track gauge narrower than standard 1,435 mm. Most narrow-gauge railways are between 600 mm and 1,000 mm. Since narrow-gauge railways are usually built with tighter curves, smaller structure gauges, and lighter rails, they can be less costly to build, equip and operate than standard-gauge railways. In East Germany lower-cost narrow-gauge railways were often built to serve industries where the traffic potential would not justify the cost of a standard-gauge line.

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