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July 20, 2018

HO Scale Model Railroad Layout made by a German Model Railroader Club

HO Scale Model Railroad Layout made by a German Model Railroader Club

In this video, Pilentum presents a model railroad layout that was made by a German model railroader club in HO scale. This model railroad layout follows a mixture of two philosophies in railway modelling: On the one hand, there are permanently installed railway segments, and on the other hand, there are replaceable railway modules. Finally, the model railroad display is so large that it extends over several rooms. In the first room, there is a huge hidden staging yard. From there, the model trains drive through two tunnels through the wall into the main room. Locomotives and trains drive along the main railway line, crossing a little station and reaching a huge railway bridge. Behind this railway bridge a large mountain rises above the landscape. In the valley, behind the mountain, the railway line is divided in two directions: The one railway line leads to the new central station which is still under construction. The other railway line leads through tunnels into the next room. In this room, the railway embankment was installed along the wall. While locomotives and trains drive on the railway embankment, below a large lake followed by a funfair, a restaurant and a medium-heavy fire brigade are presented. Inside the restaurant, take a look at the waiter who takes care of the guests without getting tired. Behind the fun park, the fire brigade has to extinguish a burning truck. Besides that, the model trains reach the next room. Here, the railway line was built under a mountain. On the top of the mountain, there is a large park with a children's playground. Down in the valley, near the railway line, crazy hippies are going to have a party when they are not stuck with their VW Bully in the mud.


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