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July 20, 2018

Cab Ride as Train Driver along Mr. Porsche’s Superb Model Railway with Austrian Model Trains

Cab Ride as Train Driver along Mr. Porsche’s Superb Model Railway with Austrian Model Trains

In December 2016, Pilentum visited the famous model railway layout of Mr. Hans-Peter Porsche for the first time. Then, we made some really fantastic cab rides with the model trains in HO scale. Unfortunately, at that time we had disabled the automatic train control system to make the train rides. Therefore, there were no oncoming trains and sometimes the railway signals were red. In June 2018, Pilentum visited again Mr. Porsche’s model railway exhibition. This time, we made an absolutely beautiful cab ride along the Austrian model railroad section. Pilentum’s locomotive, including a camera, starts at a small railway station. After that, the train crosses the big railway viaduct or railroad bridge and drives into the tunnel. Somewhat later the train arrives at the large railroad station, while other trains leave the station. Finally, it will be exciting for all friends of technology: The train passes the next tunnel and goes behind the scenes, where the hidden yards, storage yards or fiddle tracks are installed. In addition, the train passes many track spirals to get back to the normal level of the model railway layout. Behind the scenes, you'll see a lot of model trains parking - some made by Marklin and some made by Roco. Thereafter, the train is coming back to the beginning of the Austria section. Now, you’ll see how the track layout is organized. It is a very large dog-bone arrangement of a continuous loop where the model trains turn around. Enjoy this journey by train and feel like a train driver, locomotive engineer, railroad engineer, engine driver, locomotive operator or train operator in this miniature world.


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