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July 19, 2018

Biggest model airport of the world at day and at night in 1/87 HO scale

Biggest model airport of the world at day and at night in 1/87 HO scale

The most famous model railway exhibition in Germany, and the largest of its kind in the world, is the Miniature Wonderland. The model train show takes 1,300 square meters or 13,993 square feet. Beside the trains there is a replicate of the Hamburg Airport. It is called “Knuffingen Airport”, the world’s biggest miniature airport in 1:87 scale. After more than six years of construction, the world’s smallest airport was opened in May, 2011. The aerodrome is not only an attraction for aviation enthusiasts, but also for technology fans, for aircraft spotter and for model constructors. Approximately 40 different aircrafts and planes, like Cessna, Boeing and Airbus, are taxing independently on the airport apron. The planes also being moved back from the terminals, taxing behind a follow me car or enter the runway. Furthermore, airplanes are accelerating for taking off, and they are landing on the main runway. Each plane is equipped with original lights and sounds. There are 40,000 lights, 100 kilometer of electric wiring, more than 15,000 miniature figures. In order to simulate take-off and landings a catapult is used to let the aircrafts glide through the air. And, there is an extraordinary car system at the airport, for example an airport fire brigade, numerous busses, service vehicles, facility trucks, follow-me cars, push back trucks and many more. At least, there is a day and night simulation.


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