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Model Train Camera for Making beautiful Cap Rides

Often in Pilentum's movies there is video footage with cab rides. For making cab rides on model railway layouts in O scale or G scale, a normal camcorder can be used. The design of modern video cameras is very small. Therefore, the camera can be mounted for example on a freight car. A locomotive pushes the freight car so that the impression of the first person view is created. But what can you do at smaller scales, for example at HO scale or OO gauge?

Roco HO camera locomotive
1. Using the Roco HO camera locomotives
The German model railway manufacturer Roco offers four HO camera locomotives. The camera is installed behind the train's front windscreen. And, when the train is running, the camera is transmitting a high quality video stream to any PC or mobile phone.

There are three disadvantages: Actually, Roco sells locomotives in German railway layout, only. The sale price is reasonable, but expensive. And, you need the control center, called Roco Z21, to manage the trains and to stream the video image.

Please, take a look at Ebay, Germany:
» Roco item number 72287, German electric locomotive
» Roco item number 72311, German electric locomotive
» Roco item number 73234, German electric locomotive
» Roco item number 78287, German electric locomotive

JVC Adixxion model train camera
2. Using the JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 camera
For making cab ride videos Pilentum recommends the JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 sports and action camera. This action camera is small and it is perfect for making cab rides on HO scale model train layouts below the catenary. The camera is as wide as a locomotive in HO scale or OO scale.

The camera records the video image in Full HD quality on a memory card. The battery lasts at least an hour. In addition, the video image can be sent via WiFi to a computer or to a mobile phone. Pilentum built the camera on an old freight car. Because the camera has got a tripod mount, it can be installed with a tripod screw securely and solidly on the freight car's load area. The JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 camera generates a video signal, which is even able for broadcasting. It's really a very high image and video quality.

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XIAOMI Yi camera for model railway cab ride
3. Using the XIAOMI Yi sports camera
The cheapest solution for making photos and videos of a model railway layout is to use the XIAOMI Yi camera. This is a cheap action camera from China, however, which provides an absolutely perfect image quality. One could say that it is a clone of the famous GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera.

The XIAOMI Yi camera is unfortunately too wide to use when shooting video with railways with oncoming traffic in HO scale. But when there are no catenary and no tunnel, the camera is a very inexpensive base system for model railroaders. The camera is so small, so that you can put it next to the railway line, on platforms or on miniature roads on your model train layout. And, the XIAOMI Yi camera generates an excellent image and video quality.

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