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■ Pilentum's Filmography No. 101 - No. 125

On this website, Pilentum's videos no. 101 to no. 125 are listed. At the bottom of the page, there are the navigation buttons to move to the previous or next page. On each page, you can read descriptions and view a lot of photos.

■ Impressive and Lovely Built O Gauge Model Railroad Display

This modular model railway layout was built by two German model railroaders. They wanted to construct a scale model of the North German landscape. There are lovely built details, for example the two swans or the guys hanging around at the fish factory. And, there are beautiful steam locomotives and passenger coaches.

■ Rail transport modelling with Soviet-built diesel locomotive for heavy freight trains

Walking along the large model railway exhibit in Cologne, Germany, Pilentum found this little model railway layout that was made by the German company NOCH, a manufacturer of model landscaping. Apart from this, on the railway display there was running the famous M62 locomotive. This is a Soviet-built diesel locomotive for heavy freight trains, exported to many Eastern Bloc countries. This type of locomotive was sent to East Germany between 1966 and 1978, too. This locomotive has a certain cult following among railfans, and is has got many nicknames, for example Gagarin in Poland, Iwan or Ivan and Siergiej or Sergej in Czechoslovakia, Szergej in Hungary, Taigatrommel (Taiga Drum) in Germany, Mukha in Belarus, and Sinsŏng in North Korea. In the Soviet Union the locomotive is called Mashka or Машка in the Russian language. Why this diesel loco is so famous? Because from the powerful noises and vibrations, when the locomotive runs.

■ The most beautiful model railway layout of Italy - State of the Art of Rail transport modelling

The new model railway layout of Italy is really a masterpiece and a work of art in the field of model building. It is located at the so-called “Wonderland of Miniatures” in Germany. Only then, when Pilentum was editing and cutting this YouTube video, he was able to find the thousands of details. Visitors of this model railroad exhibit will be a little overloaded because every square meter amazing, impressive and loving details. There are hundreds of little stories which a told by the sceneries of the model trains layout. Furthermore, the day and night illumination in Liguria and on the Amalfi Coast is impressive because it is like a light show. I guess, you must have seen this overwhelming scale model exhibit in Germany in person.

■ Cab Ride on Spanish Model Railroad Layout in HO Scale

In this video, Pilentum presents the famous model railroad layout which was built by the Spanish modeler Mr. Jordi Auqué in HO scale. Along the cab ride you will see several model trains of the Spanish RENFE company, Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles, made by Electrotren and Ibertren.

■ Cab ride on a model railroad display with Marklin and Kiss and KM1 steam trains

This beautiful model railroad layout belongs to a railway fan from Germany. He started construction in 2006. On this layout, there are two levels: The upper level represents a little village with a railway station, with a marshalling yard and with a round house for steam locomotives. The lower level contains a large fiddle yard. The whole layout is built in 1 gauge. Gauge 1, 1 scale or gauge one is a model railroading and toy train standard that was popular in the early 20th century, particularly with European manufacturers. Gauge one was standardized at 1:32 scale. Today, 1 gauge experiences a renaissance, first in the UK and then elsewhere. This was helped by 1 gauge being the same size as the modern G scale, a popular standard for outdoor model railroads.

■ Model Railway Exhibition Cologne Germany : The world of digital model railways

The world of model railways and railway modeling found a place at the large International Model Railway Exhibition from 17th - 20th November 2016 in Cologne, Germany. For four days, there was the home of the world of toy trains. At the exhibition were 208 exhibitors from 15 countries, for example market leader Marklin, Trix, LGB, Fleischmann, Roco and PIKO. Furthermore there were amazing model railway layouts displayed by exhibitors, model railroad clubs and rail transport modeling societies. In this film by Pilentum, 14 of the most beautiful model railway displays are documented.

■ Cab ride on Mr. Porsche ‘s very large model railroad layout

This is the model train layout of Mr. Hans-Peter Porsche. He is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the automobile designer of the famous VW Beetle. Since his childhood, Hans-Peter Porsche collected tin toys from Marklin, from Bing and from other manufacturers. A few years ago, he decided to present his collection of toys to the public in a special museum. This museum is called “Traumwerk Porsche” in the German language, meaning “Dreamworks Porsche” in the English language. In addition to the toy collection, there is a large event hall for Porsche cars and a very large model railroad display with model trains in action. Outside, there is also a railroad and a playground for children. The Dreamworks model railway museum is located in the South of Germany. The large model railway layout has got an exhibition area of more than 400 square meters and represents the three countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Pilentum was capturing video footage of more than six hours, for example these beautiful cab rides along the whole railway exhibition. Please, enjoy the railroad landscape and railway scenery.

■ Steam locomotives on an amazing model railroad layout in scale 1/32

This model railroad layout is one of Germany’s largest private model train displays in 1 Gauge. It is located near Frankfurt, Germany. The whole layout is built in 1 gauge or in gauge one or in 1:32 scale. There are not only model trains made by Marklin, but there are also the finest steam locomotives made by KM1 company and by KISS company. Any steam train is scratch built and weathered. Also the tracks, switches and railway lines are weathered. Inside the locomotives are sound decoders and smoke decoders. The model railway layout consists of two levels: The fiddle yard on the lower level and the normal railway display on the upper level. Here is a four-track railway station with a marshalling yard as well as an locomotive depot with turntable or wheelhouse. Note, planning and construction of this beautiful model railroad began in 2006.

■ G Scale Garden Train Model Railroad Cab Ride Yi 4K Camera

This is Germany in autumn: cloudy weather, cold, and hardly sunshine. We have installed a small Yi 4K camera in front of a LGB G scale locomotive for making a cab ride. In fact, nothing special. Note, it’s the first video on Pilentum’s YouTube channel in 4K video quality.

■ When it gets night on Mr. Porsche ’s model railway layout

This is one camera angle of the model railway layout of Mr. Hans-Peter Porsche. As you know, Hans-Peter Porsche is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the automobile designer of the famous VW Beetle. In 2015, he built a special model railway museum in the South of Germany. This museum is called “Traumwerk Porsche” in the German language, meaning “Dreamworks Porsche” in the English language. And, there is a very large railroad display with many model trains in action made by Marklin. The large model railway layout has got an exhibition area of more than 400 square meters. Every 17 minutes the day changes into the night. At this moment, a beautiful light show and laser show are presented, which the world has not yet seen. It is a unique and amazing mixture of classic railroad model building and modern computer animation through a 360 degree laser video show panorama.

■ Wonderful US model railroad layout in HO scale with landscape in winter

This model train layout in HO scale was built by German modellers from Cologne. There are three different landscapes covering the whole model railway layout. And, there are a lot of North American locomotives and freight trains, including Amtrak or CSX, etc. The model railroad layout was carefully designed with a beautiful snow cover. Enjoy http://www.pilentum.de and thanks for watching.

■ Behind the scenes at Mr. Porsche ‘s Model Railway Museum

Many viewers asked Pilentum if there is a video recording in which you can look behind the scenes, for example looking into the fiddle yard or staging yard. And, the answer is yes. Pilentum made a cab ride from the Austrian model trains section to the Swiss model trains section. Therefore, the camera model train had to cross the big railway bridge. After crossing this bridge the camera loco is riding along the impressive fiddle yards or staging yards behind the scenes. These model railway tracks are hidden from view and allow trains to be stored by the operator. Please, enjoy the railroad landscape and railway scenery.

■ Toy Train Cab Ride and Electric Trains in Action at the Kaeserberg Railway and Railroad Museum

This is one of Pilentum’s favorite model railway layouts. It is the famous Kaeserberg Railway and Railroad Museum in Switzerland. In this video you can watch a cab ride along the model train display.

■ Porsche Model Railroad Museum with Model trains in HO Scale

For two days Pilentum filmed the whole model railroad museum built at 1/87 scale. Of course, not all scenes, buildings, locomotives and Marklin trains could be recorded on video. However, in this big movie, which has almost one hour playing time, you can watch a lot of the model train layout and of its details. The journey starts in the railroad section of Austria where trains arriving at the big central station. For example, there are some other stations, bridges and one large railway viaduct. Thereafter, the journey continues in the railway section of Switzerland. This part of the movie begins when the toy train is driving along the impressive bridge. In the Swiss section you will discover the great mountains, many railway lines and a central station again. Finally, the journey through the large model railroad layout ends in the section of Germany. There you can watch many castles representing Southern Germany, the landscape around the Lake Constance and some marshalling yards.

■ Heavy Freight Trains and Passenger Model Trains in action

This extremely large HO gauge model railway layout was built by Ivo Schraepen, a well-known model builder. The railroad display represents the great Hasselt railway station in Belgium. On its model railway, which has a length of almost 25 meters, the origin railway station is exactly rebuilt in 1/87 scale. All the real elements of the railway line are replicated on the model train layout. There are nine platforms available for passenger transport, and there are 14 railroad tracks available for freight trains.

■ The little steam train inside a realistic built model railway landscape in HO scale

This model railway layout is another masterpiece of European model train layouts. The landscape was built by Patrice Hamm from Alsace, France. On his narrow gauge railroad display, there are ancient buildings and houses in medieval style. Figures are behind the windows, and on the market square and in the corners of the houses are many details. The whole model railroad is professionally designed in HO scale or 1/87. Sometimes a steam train or a railcar runs along the landscape.

■ Pilentum Model Trains - At The Railway Embankment

This video was made at the largest model railway exhibition in Southern Germany. Pilentum was just set the camera beside the railway embankment. Please, enjoy some fast diesel trains, some historic steam trains, some freight trains and some high speed trains.

■ Pilentum Model Railroad - At The Central Station

Once again, this video was made at the largest model railway exhibition in Southern Germany which is built in HO scale. Pilentum was just set the camera between the platforms at the large central station. Please, enjoy departures and arrivals of the toy trains.

■ Fantasy Island Model Railroad Layout with Cogwheel Railway or Rack Railway in O Gauge

Imagine there would be a small island, somewhere in the world's seas. And, on this island a cogwheel railway or a rack railway is driving from the port, down in the valley, up to train station on the mountain. In the harbor a passenger ship rocks in the waves, and on the other side of the island a fishing port is located. On the sea, there are a submarine and a lighthouse. This is the whole model railway layout, based on 3 x 3 feet, that was built by Thomas Schmid from Switzerland. He named his absolutely amazing display in the French words Île VaOù, and his model train layout was awarded with several prizes, for example at the famous model train exhibit Ontraxs in the Spoorwegmuseum at Utrecht, Netherlands. Please, enjoy the little railway climbing the hills along bridges, along rock faces and along deep fissures in the mountains.

■ Cab ride on a very large model train layout in HO scale

This model train layout in HO scale was installed in a former railway museum in Germany. Then, the whole model railway layout was restored, and the train control was converted from analog technology to digital technology. Today, this display is one of many model railroad layouts at the largest model railway exhibition in Southern Germany. Totally, there are 126 model trains in action. A lot of the electric trains, steam trains and diesel trains are parked inside of the fiddle yards. The whole display has a length of 50 meters and varies in width from 1.6 meters to 2.2 meters. The entire layout has more than 1,100 meters of track length. Please, enjoy this beautiful cab rides along the whole railway exhibition.

■ The Choo Choo Barn Model Train Layout in Strasburg Pennsylvania

As you know, Pilentum lives in Germany. But Pilentum knows that there are many wonderful model railroad displays in the United States. A great desire of Pilentum is to visit the US once to film these great model train layouts. Unfortunately, the travel costs from Germany to the US are very high. But in order to present some of the most impressive model railways Pilentum asked the Choo Choo Barn for getting some video footage. So this video was created. Now, you should ask yourself why Pilentum did choose the Choo Choo Barn. The reason is the extraordinary story behind this model railroad exhibit.

The Choo Choo Barn was originally born in 1945, in the basement of the Groff home in Strasburg. George Groff had just returned from World War II, and was looking for a Christmas present for his son Gary. He found a $ 12.50 Lionel model train set. And, one thing led to another - within few years - that simple train set had begun to take over a larger and larger portion of the family basement. In the 1950’s, the Groff family began opening their model railroad display for neighbors, townspeople and local school groups during the Christmas holidays. The exhibition became very popular so that the Groff family decided to move the model railroad into a small township maintenance facility. Then, the Choo Choo Barn, as George decided to call his display, opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1961, and it was very quickly a hit with local folks and visitors alike.

With over 600 square feet of detailed landscaping, 6 trains, and 6 animated figures, people knew they were seeing something special and unique. Over the years, the display continued to grow. The train layout has grown into an attraction for all ages and all groups. There are miniature replicas of The Willows Restaurant, Dutch Wonderland amusement park, the Strasburg Railroad, and a scale version of the Groff family home. Today, the Choo Choo Barn is a 1,700 square feet model train layout.

The Choo Choo Barn Model Train Layout in Strasburg Pennsylvania

■ Train Cab Ride along a never ending model railroad layout in HO scale

Once again, you are the train driver, railroad engineer, loco pilot or train operator along this never ending model railroad layout which was built in HO scale. While watching this cab ride video you are going to discover a beautiful model railway layout in train driver's view. You are going to explore more than 1,000 square meter of this miniature world, and you are going to meet some of more than 200 model trains.

Train Cab Ride along a never ending model railroad layout in HO scale

■ The Great Model Railroad Layout in Berlin with 9,680 square feet of model trains in HO scale

This amazing model railroad layout in Berlin, Germany, with more than 9,000 square feet of floor space, was the world's third largest model railway exhibit. It opened on September 18, 2004 in Berlin, later it moved to the Alexa Shopping Center in 2007. Note, the last opening day was August 31, 2017. At the beginning, 70 employees constructed this model railroad with a size of 6,000 square feet of floor space. Thereafter, the railroad display was taken down, moved and rebuilt in the new shopping mall. When the model train show was re-opened, the display was expanded to more than 9,000 square feet of floor space.

A large part of the model railroad presented places and buildings in Berlin. In addition, there were Berlin’s famous railway stations and sections of the famous Berlin Underground, also known as Berlin Metro or Berlin Subway. Also attractions such as the zoo, the television tower, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate were presented. However, the model railroad layout was not a complete model of the city. The display was built in HO scale and included over 13,000 feet of railway tracks and 32,800 cars and much more. The model trains, made by Fleischmann, Roco, Brawa, Gützold and Piko, were digitally controlled. For example, 30 computers and 80 cameras monitored the railway traffic. In addition to the trains, there were also model cars on the run using a system similar to the Faller Car System. Every 20 minutes there was night, so the lights of the houses became visible. Sorry, but during the night Pilentum could not take video recordings. In total, 30,000 LED were installed in trains, in cars and in buildings.

The Great Model Railroad Layout in Berlin with 9,680 square feet of model trains in HO scale

■ The miniature train passenger view on a model railway line 4K UHD

Basically, this railroad movie is nothing special, except that it has been produced in 4K and UHD. When Pilentum visited a large model railway exhibition in Germany, he had the idea not to install the camera inside the locomotive for making a cab ride video, but to install the Yi 4K+ camera on the side of the railway coach. This is a new and impressive camera angle: You feel like a passenger sitting in the train and looking out through the window. It is very attractive when trains pass by. Impressive are the scenes, when the train drives along the large railway station.

■ Big Model Trains and Cab Ride at the Dresden Model Railroad Museum

Inside the Dresden Transport Museum in Germany, there is a beautiful model railroad layout. It is an amazing O gauge model railway layout measuring more than 300 square meters. There is also a train collection of the finest scale models that were built in the German Democratic Republic. Yes, we are talking about the old GDR, also known as East-Germany. Then, this railroad layout was built as a teaching system for young railway engineers for learning the rail transport traffic. In a playful way, those railway engineers used the O scale model railroad trains to simulate the railway operation. They had to learn about the operation of multiple trains on the same railway line or on a large rail transport system. Using model trains they learned about the signalling control, the process by which control is exercised over train movements by way of railway signals and block systems to ensure that trains operate safely, over the correct route and to the proper timetable. Many years later, when the German Democratic Republic still existed, this train layout was installed inside Dresden Transport Museum. Today, it is a typical model train show which is very popular with the inhabitants of Dresden. When Pilentum visited the Dresden Model Railroad Museum he used a GoPro Hero 3 camera inside the diesel locomotives pulling freight cars. And, a second camera was installed on the right side of a passenger car. Thus these cab ride video recordings were made. Normally, the operation of multiple trains on the same layout is made easy due to DCC, digital command control. But at the Dresden Model Railroad Museum diesel locomotives, electric locomotives and steam locomotives do not have a DCC decoder inside. In Dresden, they are using the famous Gahler + Ringstmeier system - a block control system - which allows you to control each train individually. There are still model trains in analogue mode but they are controlled by a computer system. Today, there are approximately 30 locomotives and 115 coaches, mostly unique models or individual constructions corresponding to the railroad history of the GDR. There are heavy-weight locomotives generating a unique, unmistakable sound.

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