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■ Pilentum's Filmography No. 201 - No. 225

On this website, Pilentum's videos no. 201 to no. 225 are listed. At the bottom of the page, there are the navigation buttons to move to the previous or next page. On each page, you can read descriptions and view a lot of photos.

■ Model Railroad with Glacier Express and Cab Ride

This beautiful model railway in HOm scale was built by a German model railroad club. It's a modular layout with famous trains from Switzerland, like RhB, Bernina Railway, Allegra, and Glacier Express. Bridges, galleries and tunnels on the model train layout should remember the route in the Albula valley, Switzerland. Enjoy this model railroad video, and its beautiful cab rides.

■ Model Railway Layout with High Speed Trains in HO scale

This model train layout is one of the most beautiful model railway exhibitions, which was built by a railroad club in Germany. In January 2016, Pilentum visited this model railroading club and made a film. Now, in August 2016, Pilentum visited this model train exhibition again. There are spectacular camera angles and some funny scenes, for example the electrician. A special mention must also get the model tram, which was also filmed from great camera angles.

■ Model Railway Layout with Cab Ride of Beautiful Swiss Trains in HO scale

There is a fantastic model railway layout in Switzerland. The model railroad was built in 1:87 scale - both with normal track sections and with narrow track or gauge railways sections, HO scale and HOn3½ gauge. This film was made with the very wide-angled Yi 4K camera to illustrate the enormous dimensions of the whole model train layout. The railroad system extends over three levels: On the lowest, first level there is a large shadow station, in which more than 300 trains and train combinations are stored. From there, the model trains are going the climb a 3.4 meter high track spiral to the main middle-level. On the second, middle level there are a big railway station as well as a goods and marshalling yard with container terminal and tank storage. Opposite the main station, there is a little village with two railway lines. While the one railway line runs over the large lattice bridge, the other railway line passes through the village. In total there are trains of the Swiss Federal Railroad as well as of the Rhaetian Railway. Please, enjoy the cab rides and the wide-angled field of view.

■ Model Railway Bridge of Graberegg in Switzerland

Do you like Swiss railways? Then you may also like Swiss model railways. This is the famous railway bridge of Graberegg, Switzerland. Now, let us begin to count the trains.

■ The Railway Line of Jakobstadt in Switzerland

There is heavy traffic on the railway line of Jakobstadt in Switzerland. It is the famous railway line near the central station of the famous Kaeserberg Model Railroad Layout.

■ The Beautiful Model Railroad Layout at the Kaeserberg Railway Foundation

The Kaeserberg Railway Foundation built one of the largest model railway layouts in Switzerland. Time taken to build 17 years with a total surface area of 610 square meters in HO scale. There are normal track gauge 16.5 mm (HO) and narrow track gauge 12.0 mm (HOm). The length of the track system is about 2,045 meters. It is a fantastic and amazing model railway layout with its own philosophy and history.

The story of the Kaeserberg Railway Foundation: It's eleven o'clock. The sky is clear, the air dry and cold. The station master announces the arrival of the train for St. Jakobstadt. I turn to look one last time at the Kaeserberg, as if to make sure it hasn't disappeared. It is as beautiful as ever. I board the train and it pulls away slowly. In front of me, a small seven year-old boy, nose glued to the window, observes the billowing smoke from a steam engine of the Kaeserberg railway. We leave the small Graubunden village of Kaeserberg. The train penetrates deeper into the valley. The autumn countryside passes by the window. On emerging from the forest, St. Jakobstadt and its large station can be seen in the distance. The train slows down and stops. Off to one side, workmen are busy loading and unloading goods trains. This is the philosophy of the Kaeserberg Model Railway layout. It is a wonderful story, the tale of a childhood dream that became a reality thanks to the imagination, determination and patience of its designer, Marc Antiglio.

The Model Railway Layout: The entire network is imaginary. However, meticulous attention to detail has been paid to the landscape and the work of the railway to ensure they are as faithful as possible to the Swiss reality. Built on three levels on a scale of 1:87, the network comprises 2,045 meters of track. Four railway lines operate in the Kaeserberg mountain region, managed by three companies: the CFF (Swiss Federal Railway), the RhB (Rhaetian Railway) and the KBB (Kaeserberg Railway). In order to make his dream come true and build the network, Marc Antiglio worked hard, spending hours at the drawing board to determine the specifications, design and trace out the plans of the future network and bring to fruition a concept that had lain in his mind for many years.

The first level: The trains are marshalled in a large two-storey station. This station has purposely been left without a landscape. These trains run by computer control over the entire network on all levels. 87 trains are available (CFF 59 and RhB 28) and 33 are in reserve (CFF 20 and RhB 13). Trains arrive at the upper level by means of a spiral ramp developing a height of 2,4 meters and a length of 134 meters. This track is not visible to the visitors. Trains then arrive at a marshalling yard. With its 16 tracks (13 CFF and 3 RhB), this station allows train traffic to be regulated on the network.

The second level: The main console controls the circulation of trains serving the station of St. Jakobstadt, the meeting point of 2 companies (CFF and RhB). St. Jakobstadt is revealed with its large 15-track station (12 CFF and 3 RhB). Contrary to the first level, all train movements are executed from the control console. In the background, the foothills of the Kaeserberg can be admired, with the road and track of the RhB criss-crossing the sides of the mountain towards the Graubunden village of Kaeserberg. After the big station the visitor looks onto shunting, loading and unloading tracks and a track service depot. This area is completed by a storage area for hydrocarbons and a landscaping company. In the background can be seen the 4 tracks leading into and out of the station. Running parallel over a distance of 20 meters, the 2 lines eventually separate. One winds its way towards the Monikastein tunnel, the other towards the station of Graberegg. This tourist village is the departure point for boat cruises, coach trips and journeys on the funicular railway.

The third level: Here we discover the village of Kaeserberg where the architecture of the houses is different, in the style of the canton of Graubunden. This village is the starting point for excursions by train or coach. RhB trains bring passengers, who can travel on to the summit of the Kaeserberg or climb the mountainside along the Waglisbach valley.

■ Street Life Scale Model and Police Crash in Chicago

At the large model railway exhibition, called Eurospoor 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands, the members of Beneluxspoor present one of their famous little model railway layouts respectively the model railway module “Sweet Home Chicago”. On the little display, there are police cars, buildings and the presumed street life of Chicago.

■ Model railroad masterpiece made by Hans Louvet

This beautiful model railway layout was built by Hans Louvet from the Netherlands. The model railroad presents the old narrow gauge based tramway de Puy de Dôme near Clermond-Ferrand, France. The model shows the little village, La Baraque, with its buildings and with the old tramway. The layout was built in 1:64 scale, narrow gauge respectively meter gauge. The dimension of the model train layout is 300 x 180 cm but there are thousands of amazing details. It looks like it is real: The scratch built and weathered locomotives, and the deceptively real buildings. Please, enjoy this masterpiece of model railroading.

■ Model railroad masterpiece by Gordon and Maggie Gravett

This superb French model railway layout was built by Gordon and Maggie Gravett in 1:50 scale with 18.2 mm track gauge. The model train display is based on the now defunct Reséau Breton system in Brittany, northern France. This French railroad was a narrow gauge railway system with a length of nearly 425 kilometers around the city of Carhaix-Plouguer. The narrow gauge system was operational until 1967. Then, it was one of the largest railway networks in narrow gauge in France. The model railroad layout, called Pempoul, presents a little village, a station and a railway junction. The model railway layout is so deceptively real that it was presented in the BBC TV show “The Joy of Train Sets”. Please, enjoy this masterpiece of model railroading.

■ N scale model railway layout by Association Françaises des Amis du N

The French model railway club, Association Françaises des Amis du N, presented its large modular model train layout called “The train station of Chalon-sur-Saône”. The model railroad system is built in N scale showing typical French locomotives and trains.

■ British Model Railway Layout in OO Gauge with Cab Ride

At the international model train exhibit Eurospoor in Utrecht, Netherlands, the British Mickleover Model Railway Group presented its famous model railway layout Farkham. The model railroad system was built in OO gauge. OO gauge or OO scale, also spelled 00 gauge and 00 scale, model railways are the most popular standard-gauge model railway tracks in the United Kingdom. This track gauge is one of several 4 mm scale standards used. Farkham, a quiet Midlands town in England, is served by an occasional passenger service with freight being the main traffic on this secondary railway line. Beyond the station and town centre, the land opens out to reveal a small freight yard, whilst the main line gently curves away with a mixture of old and new buildings following its course. The concept behind Farkham was to capture the atmosphere of an urban scene with the railway passing through. This has been attempted, by locating buildings and trees at the front of the layout to break-up the direct lines of sight between the viewer and the trains, so when looking at the model the trains will come in and out of view creating a series of interesting cameos. This encourages the viewer to look into the layout and not just at it and siting the twin tower blocks at the front, along with other large structures and trees, has created visual barriers to enable this. Finally to create a realistic scene and make everything visually blend together, each item has been weathered to differing degrees. Trackwork on the layout is all hand built using C&L and Peco components and is to finescale 16.5 mm gauge standards. The major aspect of the model is its buildings and structures and whilst some of these are modified kits, most have been scratch built. The rolling stock on the layout is detailed, repainted and weathered with a large number of kit and scratch built items. Special thanks from Pilentum Television to the members of Mickleover Model Railway Group for making possible the beautiful cab ride video recordings.

■ Model Trains Layout with Thousands of Funny Details in HO Scale

This model railway layout is called “Peterseck” in the German language, and it means something like “Peter's Corner” in the English language. The layout is made in HO scale by PEMOBA. PEMOBA is an abbreviation for “Peter's Modellbaan”. Peter is a model builder and model railway enthusiast from the Netherlands. He started railway modelling, when he had received a Marklin starter set at the age of 6 years. Since then, he has built his model railroads either in the bedroom or on the attic. In 2000, however, Peter decided to visit model train exhibitions for presenting his model trains. Therefore, he was also at the model railway exhibition Eurospoor in Utrecht, Holland. There, he presented his model railway layout containing thousand details, self-made buildings and many moving figures. The railroad is almost in the background, because the attention of the spectators is directed, for example, to the restaurant with a mobile waiter, to the small toy railway in the window, or to the neighbors who are cutting the hedge at the railway line.

■ HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Layout of the Amtrak Northeast Corridor

A model railway layout, which is about the famous Northeast Corridor in the US, was built by a German model railway team with perfect weathering and scratch built trains. The Northeast Corridor is an electrified railway line in the Northeast of the United States. Owned primarily by Amtrak, it runs from Boston through New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore to Washington. The Northeast Corridor is the busiest passenger rail line in the United States. And, it is used by many Amtrak trains, including the high-speed Acela Express, intercity trains, and several long-distance trains. Most of the corridor also has frequent commuter rail service, operated by the MBTA, Shore Line East, Metro-North Railroad, New Jersey Transit, SEPTA, and MARC. The model railway presents a small section of the corridor, which is built so realistic that you would like to watch the model trains for hours. There is a railway station, where numerous locomotives are serviced. And, there are a typical American small town as well as a commercial or industrial area.

■ Model Railway Cab Ride in HO Scale

Pilentum Television knows that you are fascinated by cab rides on model railway layouts. Please, enjoy this little cab ride with model trains in HO scale at the beautiful Kaeserberg Railway Museum in Switzerland.

■ Model Train Layout with Field Railway and Brick Factory in O Scale Narrow Gauge

This little model train layout was built by Hans Louvet. He is an artist in railway modelling and model railroading in the Netherlands. The model railroad layout presents a beautiful rail transport system with field railway and brick factory on approximately 0.25 square meters.

■ Model Train Cab Ride in HO Scale

When you are fascinated by cab rides on model train layouts in HO scale, enjoy this cab ride video made at the beautiful Kaeserberg Railway Museum in Switzerland.

■ Modular Model Railroad Layout by Stichting M-TRAK Baan with Dutch Model Trains

The Dutch model railway club, called “Stichting M-TRAK Baan”, presented its modular model railroad layout in HO scale at the famous model train exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a typical modular railway system in 1/87 scale with Dutch trains.

■ Beautiful French Modular Model Railway Layout with Cab Ride in HO Scale

In France, there exists a model railway association, called “Trains Miniatures de l'Omois”. This French model train club has 35 members concentrating on the construction of modular model railway layouts and model railway segments in HO scale only. They do not have a permanent model railroad system because the members like to visit model railway exhibitions and other events for presenting their beautiful model railway layout. While modular model railway layouts often consist of segments that are built very simple or without landscapes, the French segments delight the viewer with an infinite number of beautiful details. For Pilentum it was hardly possible to record all these details on video, for example the old city, the beautiful French railway stations, the old castle, the market square, etc. Therefore, Pilentum and the model train club members were made some cab rides along all railroad segements. Please, enjoy this tour in “Little France”.

■ N scale model railway layout from Finland

At the international model railway exhibition in Cologne, Germany, this modular model railway layout with typical Finnish landscapes was presented by Kai Vehmersalo and Tapani Laakso in N scale. The size of the model train layout is about 7.0 meters x 6.0 meters. The rail enthusiasts and railway modellers from Finland were building the famous Lahti Vesijärvi harbor area in 1950 in N Gauge connecting the lake transport to and from the railway, which was important in the old days. And, there is the beautiful Punkaharju district with its old railroad track.

■ Z Scale Model Railway Display Standen Watchett from Britain

The model railway enthusiasts Graham and Damien Jones were showing their little model railway layout, called “Standen Watchett”, built in Z scale. The layout presents a fictitious location on the East Coast main line, with a main central station at one end and a viaduct leading into a tunnel at the other. Sorry, Pilentum had difficulties to film this small scale 1:220 because light was missing in the the exhibition hall during the model trains show in Cologne, Germany. The special feature of this model railway layout is the rolling stock because locomotives and coaches were built using CAD with a 3-D printer. And, there is an overhead contact line, an overhead wire or a catenary in this small Z Gauge scale. This model railroad system will be presented at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, too.

■ Cab Ride from Follonica to San Vincenzo Station in Italy

At the great model railway exhibition in Cologne, Germany, Pilentum met Vincenzo Bologna from Italy. He was building this modular model train layout. Vincenzo and his friends, called VBF Group Ferrara-Venturina, were building a small corner of the Tuscan coast in Italy in HO scale. There are the San Vincenzo railway station, the electrical substation at Campiglia Marittima, and the Follonica railway station, all located along the coastline opposite the island of Elba. The whole model railroad layout has got a length of 18.5 meters and a width of 2.40 meters. This was large enough to make a cab ride along the Italian landscape. By the way, Vincenzo Bologna Ferromodellista constructed 6 buildings using plywood, cardboard and biscuit cartons in order to build a realistic replica. In total, 72 catenary masts were made out of little brass tubes. Please, enjoy this cab ride from Follonica to San Vincenzo.

■ Cab Ride from San Vincenzo to Follonica Station in Italy

This modular model train layout was built by Vincenzo Bologna from Italy. Pilentum met him at the great model railway exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Vincenzo and his friends, called VBF Group Ferrara-Venturina, were building a small corner of the Tuscan coast in Italy in HO scale. There are the Follonica railway station, the electrical substation at Campiglia Marittima, and the San Vincenzo railway station, all located along the coastline opposite the island of Elba. The whole model railway layout has got a length of 18.5 meters and a width of 2.40 meters. This was large enough to make a cab ride along the Italian landscape. By the way, Vincenzo Bologna Ferromodellista constructed 6 buildings using plywood, cardboard and biscuit cartons in order to build a realistic replica. In total, 72 catenary masts were made out of little brass tubes. Please, enjoy this cab ride from San Vincenzo to Follonica.

■ Model Railway Layout from the Valkenswaard Model Railway Group

The Valkenswaard Model Railway Group was founded in 1990 with the main objective of modelling beautiful modular model railway layouts in HO scale for visiting model train exhibitions in Europe. Their latest layout is about a Dutch railway line in southeast Brabant region in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

■ Impressive Model Railroad Layout by Club de Modelisme de Draveil from France in HO scale

In France, there is a model railroader club, called “Club de Modelisme de Draveil”. The members are best known for their modular model railway layouts. Often they are going to present their model train layout at model train shows. The latest layout is called “Saint Libéral” presenting a French village in the 1950’s. The rail tracks and points are made by Peco Company. Most of the rolling stock is taken from various toy train and railroad manufacturers. The outstanding element of this French model railway layout is the market place. It is one of the most impressive features of the whole layout because there is a rotating panel for three different days. On Wednesday there is a market, on Fridays there is a circus, and on Sundays there are kids playing soccer. And, there is a helicopter landing.

■ Narrow Gauge Model Railway Layout with Steam Locomotive made by MSC Spijkspoor

The model railway club MSC Spijkspoor was founded in 1971 in the Netherlands. 36 members are focusing on the construction of modular model railway segments, modular systems and railway dioramas. At the great model train show in Utrecht, Netherlands, they presented the latest layout: A narrow gauge layout consisting of three railroad segments, each with the dimensions of 1.25 meters length x 0.62 meters width. Model trains, among others steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and trolley busses, are running on an idyllic landscape, which is located in the south of Germany.

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