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Model Railway Car System

More frequently model railway car systems are used. Pilentum is very fascinated by these small cars driving themselves on model railway layouts in HO scale and N scale. These miniature cars are driving autonomously. They are breaking, they are having direction indicators, and they keep distance in traffic. Pilentum knows about three car systems, the Faller car system is the most famous, but not the best.

1. The Faller Car System
The car system was developed by the company Faller. Actually, the Car System Digital 3.0 is the newest driving system for model cars. In this system, in the middle of the road, a wire is embedded. This wire is the invisible guide of small magnets, which are glued to the steerable front axles of the model cars. In the cars there are a 2.4 Volt motor, a digital decoder, and an accumulator or battery. To pick up these elements into a miniature car is one of the greatest challenges in the construction of car systems. Therefore, initially only large trucks and bus models were offered. But now there are also small cars for HO scale and N scale.

2. The DC Car System from Germany
The DC Car System is an independent development of the Faller Car System. There are similarities, but it's a completely different technical system. While the Faller system uses a kind of satellite to monitor the cars, at the DC Car system the model cars are controlled by an innovative distance control technique. The DC Car system is very popular among German model railroaders because it's like DIY - do it yourself. Pilentum is not familiar with the technical details, so please use the English written web site at

3. The MCC-ModelCarParts System from the Netherlands
While the DC Car System uses infrared signal transmitters (IR LED) for the miniature car's direction control, the MCC-ModelCarParts system does not need any IR LED on the model road. Of course, there must be an IR LED in the car for distance control, but no longer on the roadside. The MCC-ModelCarParts system is installed on the beautiful HO scale model railway layout, built by the Modelspoorgroep Nienoord. The whole system is based on UCCI and OM32 serial modules which are compatible to the Dinamo protocol. Please, take a look at the English written web site at